First, a bit of self-promotion. Last week I released a module that uses the Teams cloud communication Graph Api (beta version) to export PSTN usage records. Until now, these records have only been exportable from the Teams admin center. Check out the post along with links to the GitHub repo and instructions for installation.
Use Graph API to Export Microsoft Teams PSTN Usage Records

Direct from Microsoft

Check out this interesting how-to article on integrating Azure Sentinel and Azure Security Center alerts with Microsoft Teams. Definitely an interesting idea on adding some automation and insight for the Teams platform.
Secure your Calls – Monitoring Microsoft Teams CallRecords Activity Logs using Azure Sentinel

The Teams blog posted an article on Four new ways to simplify your work with Microsoft Teams and Power Automate. It includes some templates and ideas on how to marry these two products with some fantastic results.

The Teams blog also posted an article covering updates for Microsoft Teams devices for July and August. This includes coordinate meeting join between Microsoft Teams Rooms and Surface Hub devices, pin attendees on Surface Hub, proximity-based meeting join for Surface Hub, live captions for collaboration bars, raise hand support for room systems, collaboration bars, and surface hubs, and managing all these devices from the Teams admin center.

Corporate Vice President of Microsoft 365 Jeff Teper tweeted out an early image of breakout rooms in Teams. This will bring parity with Zoom as this is a popular feature there for classrooms and training.

The Microsoft Mechanics YouTube channel released a great video covering Microsoft Teams Rooms as an integrated meeting solution.

Community Contributions

On the SecureCloudBlog, Julkaissut Joosua Santasalo posts an interesting article on integrating Azure Security Center Alerts with Microsoft Teams. The author notes this is a POC project but it looks really interesting.

If you’re in the Australia time zone, check out the Sydney UC August Meetup this Wednesay, August 26 with speakers Russell Keys, Craig Chiffers, Paul Bloem, and James Arber.

Mark Vale is writing a series of posts on his experience running the Commsverse online conference using nothing but Microsoft Teams. Check out the first part below and see links to the remaining articles.
Part 1 – The Concept

Tony Redmond outlines improvements in captioning and faster presence updates from your Exchange calendar. He also covered a recently released feature where your Teams background effect will now persistent across meetings.

On Twitter, Linus Cansby (@LCansby) noticed that a popular uservoice recently received an update. Hopefully a new conversation button will make an appearance soon.

On YouTube, Shane Young posted a video on Power Apps Teams Integration. I really enjoy his videos and everything I know about Power Apps I learned from his channel.

Road Map and Admin Center Updates

New Riverbed CDN Available in Microsoft Teams
Soon you will be able to use Riverbed as a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Teams live events. Expected rollout is mid-September 2020.

Retiring Teams mobile support for devices running on Android 4.4
Microsoft release an update to this retirement by saying the existing Teams build ( will continue to work on Android 4.4 for the next 2 months but there will not be any app updates moving forward. Support for Android 4.4 was set to originally retire on August 1, 2020.

Simplified way to manage your Teams notification settings
The notification settings section in the Teams client is getting a facelift to make it easier to manage what kind of notifications you get. Expected rollout to be completed in mid-September 2020.

New Microsoft Teams meeting pre-join experience
A new pre-join meeting experience designed to make it easier to select audio and video sources will start rolling out in September 2020.

Tip of the Week

Microsoft Docs has a whole section dedicated to Teams Troubleshooting categorized by feature. It includes common error messages and scenarios and how to troubleshoot them.