Last week I published a post Exploring New Functionality in the Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module. This covers the preview version of the Teams module that merges commands from the Skype for Business Online module. This helps bring two modules into one for management, although you still have to make two separate remote connections.

Direct from Microsoft

The Microsoft 365 blog covers What’s New to Microsoft 365 reviewing some new Teams features like Tasks, Power Automate integrations, and Whiteboard functionality.

Community Contributions

MVP Laura Kokkarinen goes into a non-technical explanation of extending Microsoft Teams with custom apps. Laura has a number of fantastic resources and articles around Teams and application development.

MVP Luca Vitali going into detail on how to enable and use NDI support in Microsoft Teams. This is recently released feature that allows using Teams as a source for connecting media devices in an external production tool like OBS. This is a great thing for streamers or broadcasters.

On Twitter, Martina Grom (@magrom) points out some potentially unwanted behavior where the new meetings experience setting is reverted when performing a tenant switch. I recently experienced this, quite annoying as you have to exit Teams to get it enabled again.

MVP Chris Hoard also notices that the ability to present just a PowerPoint deck and have recording capture it is now available in the public ring. No more sharing the whole desktop just to get the slide deck recorded.

MVP Tony Redmond goes into detail on a recent news story of a company losing Teams private chats for 145,000 person organization. Just a warning of the power of retention policies.

More Shane Young YouTube goodness with a video covering Flow and Teams integration with adaptive cards, bots, and replies.

Paul Taylor goes into detail on a time drift issue with Poly CCX phones and logging into Microsoft Teams.

Road Map and Admin Center Updates

Road Map: Custom Meeting Images
Admins will be able to add a customer logo to the Teams experience to display in the lobby and meeting pre-join experience. This is going to require the meeting organizer have the Advanced Communications license assigned. Expected in September 2020.

Introduction Live Transcription in Microsoft Teams Meetings
If recording and transcription is enabled, users will now see two options in the meetings bar: Recording and Transcription and Transcription.


Check out Microsoft Teams University with resources for IT pros, parent, students, and teachers getting ready to do remote learning.

There are also free, live upgrade workshops for moving users from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams.