Issue number 12 already? Let’s jump into it!

Graham Walsh outlines what’s new in the Microsoft Teams Room software version He also released a video on troubleshooting sign in on a Microsoft Teams Room device.

Microsoft is hosting a Microsoft Teams AMA (Ask Me Anything) specific to Teams Devices on Thursday, July 2.

Microsoft also released a suite of apps for Teams focusing on bringing additional capabilities and integrations with Azure DevOps. Read more in this announcement by Divya Vaishnvai, Principal Program Manager of Azure DevOps.

Microsoft has also opened a Microsoft Teams Community Blog over at the Tech Community site. Microsoft has opened this to any one in the community to submit a blog post. Head on over to and fill out an application.

MVP Randy Chapman covers the new Teams end meeting functionality in his article Ending a Teams Meeting Now Ends the meeting – or does it?.

MVP Lee Ford also has a unique solution using Azure Log Analytics for Monitoring Microsoft Teams Network Traffic.

Trevor Miller on Twitter (@TrevorAMiller) noticed that the SATIN audio codec is showing up for peer-to-peer calls in his tenant. This codec is design for ultra low-bandwidth scenarios. Learn more in this YouTube video from Martin Rinas’ episode of Media in Teams.

The Exchange Team published a very informative how-to and troubleshooting article when dealing with Teams calendar access and an Exchange on-premises mailbox.

Road Map Updates

Large Gallery View – 7×7 or up to 49 participants
In two separate road map items (65333 and 65336), Microsoft officially put on the road map increasing the number of video participants viewable in a meeting. This is a huge step forward and puts Teams’ meeting video on par with Zoom. Expected release is in July 2020.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Government Clouds
DLP capabilities are coming to Microsoft 365 government clouds to include Teams chat and channel messages. Expected release is July 2020.

Tip of the Week

Paul Turner on Twitter (@PaulTurner365) shares a great “well-being” tip on setting quiet hours in the Teams mobile app. Quiet hours prevent notifications from appearing after hours, you know, when you’re not supposed to be working.


Finally, a bit of self-promotion here: I’m excited to announce that my second course on PluralSight is now available. Learn all about deploying Teams clients for desktop and mobile clients as well as phones, collaboration bars, and room systems in Deploying and Managing Microsoft Teams Endpoints. This is part of the upcoming MS-700 path for the Teams Administrator certification. Check it out and let me know any feedback!

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