Hope everyone in the US had a safe and good holiday weekend. Let’s jump into this week’s issue.

Quick housekeeping note, I will be taking a two week break from posting these weekly updates, so stay tuned when I pick back up towards the end of July.

The massive 3-day Commsverse Microsoft Teams Conference is kicking off today. Hopefully it’s not too late to register to view the session for free. I’m going to catch as many sessions as I can throughout the week.

The Microsoft Teams Team posted their monthly What’s New in Microsoft Teams | June 2020 edition in a blog post. Lot’s of great highlights including upcoming large gallery view of 49 participants, overview of virtual breakout rooms, multi-window for meeting & calling, and increasing meeting attendee limit to 300.

Speaking of the new meetings experience, Alexander Eggers on LinkedIn points out an upcoming setting inside the Teams clients for enabling the multi-window chat and calling experience:

Tony Redmond shares a script of how to archive Microsoft 365 Groups and Teams using PowerShell. This originated from a script from the group effort book Office 365 for IT Pros but with a small update to target archiving groups at the end of the academic year.

Steve Goodman has a great article on the start to finish of rapidly setting up Microsoft Teams for your organization.

Josh Blalock put up a nice video this week on YouTube on the first look at the People App on Microsoft Teams IP phones. This app brings a contacts and groups experience to the interface of native Teams phones.

Speaking of phones and voice, Microsoft has officially certified Cisco Session Border Controllers and the Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) for Direct Routing in Microsoft Teams. This will allow organizations to continue using their Cisco hardware investments while leveraging Microsoft Teams. Moshe Beauford over at UCToday.com has a nice write-up on this big news.

Randy Chapman has a great article on the new end meeting functionality in Teams and some improvements he’s like to see in the future.

Road Map Updates

Multi-Windows Chat
Multi-window chat shows up on the road map for the first time. Users can pop out individual Teams chat conversations to a separate window. Hopefully in the future we can get a tabbed conversation experience so you don’t have a bunch of extra windows of conversations taking up space. Expected release is July 2020.

Simplified Global Notification Settings
Also expected in July 2020, users can configure and customize notification settings with a new notification settings section. Managing notifications currently is a bit of a pain with separate notifications in settings and for each channel. Curious to see this new design.

Tip of the Week

Alright, this isn’t a super serious Teams tip, but I wanted to share this tweet in case you needed to get out of a conference call:

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