Welcome to this week’s roundup! This roundup includes Azure news, feature releases, and fantastic articles to inform you on what you need to know about Azure!

Announcing Azure Functions 4.0 Public Preview with .NET 6 Support

The Azure Functions team announced the public preview of Azure Functions v4.0. This version supports .NET 6 support as well as other programming languages such as Node.js 14, Python 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9, Java 8 & 11, and PowerShell 7.0. Check out the full announcement here!

About Azure, Management Groups, Subscriptions, and PowerShell

Olivier Miossec shows how to retrieve your Azure management groups using PowerShell using a custom-written function. The function calls itself recursively to list all child subscriptions in the management group. Check out the code here!

Announcing General Availability of Azure AD-joined VMs Support

New Azure Virtual Desktop features include joining your AVD virtual machines directly to Azure Active Directory. Check out the full announcement here or review the documentation on Microsoft Docs.

Centrally design, deploy, and operate Kubernetes apps and clusters anywhere using Azure Arc

Thomas Maurer chats with Principal Program Manager Jason Hansen on utilizing Azure Arc to deploy and operate Kubernetes apps and clusters. Azure Arc allows you to attach and configure Kubernetes clusters located either inside or outside of Azure. Check out the full video and article here!

Static website hosting in an Azure Storage Account protected with Private Endpoint

Carlos Mendible outlines how to deploy an Azure Static Website using a storage account protected with a private endpoint, all with Terraform! Check out Carlos’ full solution here!