Welcome to this week’s roundup! This roundup includes Azure news, feature releases, and fantastic articles to inform you on what you need to know about Azure!

Azure Firewall Premium Now in General Availability
Azure Firewall Premium is now generally available for most Azure regions. The premium SKU provides a more powerful compute engine for advanced content filtering and threat protection. Check out Microsoft’s announcement here on the Tech Community forums.

How to Use Managed Identities to Access Cosmos DB Data via RBAC and Disable Authentication via Keys
Joonas Aijala provides a great background on authenticating to Azure Cosmos DB, then provides step-by-step instructions on how to use managed identities. Check out Joonas’ article here!

Using Azure Functions Core Tools to Fetch App Settings for Local Development
Need to generate a local.settings.json file so you can debug your Azure Function locally? Will Velida shows how to generate one using Azure Functions Core Tools. Check out Will’s step-by-step guide here!

Use For Loops in Bicep
Barbara Forbes showcases some PowerShell skills in integrating for loops with Azure Bicep. Examples include using loops in variables, modules, and an array of objects. Check out Barbara’s fantastic article here!

Introducing Global Disaster Recovery via Azure Site Recovery
Azure Site Recovery now supports replicating applications across continental boundaries. You can now failover to any Azure region around the globe using Azure’s global networking backbone. Read more about the release here.