Welcome to this week’s roundup! This roundup includes Azure news, feature releases, and fantastic articles to inform you on what you need to know about Azure!

ChaosDB: How we hacked thousands of Azure customers’ databases
Wiz, a cloud infrastructure security solution provider, outlines how they were able to gain access to several thousand accounts and databases of Microsoft Azure customers. The breach involves Azure’s Cosmos DB service through Jupyter Notebooks. If your Cosmos DB account uses the notebook feature or was created after January 2021, you need to regenerate your access keys. Here is an image from Tim Warner (@TechTrainerTim) on how to do so.

Regenerating primary and secondary access keys in Cosmos DB

Step by Step: Adding multiple IP address to an Azure Virtual Machine with PowerShell
Sonia Cuff outlines how to add and manage multiple IP addresses on an Azure virtual machine. Typically you do not need to manage IP addresses within the VM operating system, but with multiple IP addresses, you manually tell the guest OS that there are multiple IP addresses to listen on. Check out Sonia’s step-by-step guide here!

It’s Time to Move to RBAC for Key Vault
Sam Cogan presents his case for moving to RBAC access to your Key Vaults. Previously, Key Vault access was a separate access control system through Key Vault Access Policies. Microsoft has now implemented proper RBAC access for Key Vault. Check out Sam’s how-to migration here!

Going multicloud with kubernetes and Azure Front Door
Ala Raddaoui demonstrates a solution for running Kubernetes applications in a multi-cloud deployment using Azure Front Door. Ala’s tutorial utilizes both Microsoft’s AKS and Google’s GKE as the backend k8s clusters. Check out Ala’s article here on Medium.com!

Generate a PowerPoint file using Azure Functions and Python
Simon Waight showcases a unique solution for generating his monthly Azure updates presentation for the Azure Sydney User Group. Simon’s use a Python PowerPoint library to generate the file and parse the Azure updates RSS feed. Check out his solution here!

Bonus: New Set Up and Getting Started Guides
This week Varonis published two of my new articles!

The first covers Securing Azure Blob Storage: Set-up Guide. In this article, I cover several security features to use on your storage accounts and blob storage, ranging from firewall rules to incorporating identities from Azure Active Directory.

The second covers an Azure CLI Overview: Setup, Comparison, and Integration Tips. In this article, I cover how to get started with Azure CLI, including installation and authentication out to your Azure tenant. You finish the tutorial by creating an Azure storage account using CLI commands.