Welcome to this week’s roundup! This roundup includes Azure news, feature releases, and fantastic articles to inform you on what you need to know about Azure!

Build and push Docker Images to Azure Container Registry using Azure DevOps Pipelines

Thomas Thornton documents how to build and push Docker Images to Azure Container Registry (ACR) using an Azure DevOps pipeline. Thomas walks you through the code to create the ACR, creating a Docker Registry service connection in Azure DevOps, then building the pipeline.

How Defender for Cloud displays machines affected by Log4j vulnerabilities

This past week has been filled with news and information about the vulnerability in the open-source Apache logging library Log4j. This article from Microsoft gives details on creating inventory filters in Microsoft Defender for Cloud for determining your exposure.

Deploy an Azure Web App using Octopus Deploy

Jack Roper goes through his experience with deploying an Azure Web App using Octopus Deploy. Jack shows creating the Azure Service Principal, setting up the Azure Web App, and configuring your Octopus deploy account for installation.

New Native Azure AD Kerberos

John Savill provides an overview of authentication and explains why adding Kerberos to Azure AD is a big deal. John then demonstrates how to configure this new service and provides an example of Kerberos in action using Azure Files.

Twelve Features of Bicep

Esther Barthal and Freek Berson demonstrate twelve features of Azure Bicep in the spirit of 12 Days of Christmas. Esther and Freek start with configuring VS Code with the Azure Bicep extension to provide the best authoring experience all the way to private module registries.

Last Week from Jeff Brown Tech

I published a guide on Performing Azure Authentication Inside Terraform. The article covers using Azure CLI logged-in credentials to using an Azure Service Principal inside a GitHub Action workflow.