Welcome to this week’s roundup! This roundup includes Azure news, feature releases, and fantastic articles to inform you on what you need to know about Azure!

Build and test an Azure tagging strategy with Bicep

Barbara Forbes discusses the importance of a tagging strategy for your Azure resources. She revies picking a strategy and enforcing with Azure Policies. She then demonstrates how to use a Bicep tagging module to implement consistent tagging.

Getting started with Azure Bicep

Speaking of Azure Bicep, Sonia Cuff has a great article on getting started with Azure Bicep. Sonia walks through the newest Azure Bicep learning path from Microsoft Learn. If you are just learning about Azure and infrastructure as code, Azure Bicep is definitely a topic you should check out.

Remote Backend State with Terraform and Azure Storage

Travis Roberts examines using Azure Storage for hosting a remote backend Terraform state file. Remote state files allow multiple people to collaborate on a Terraform configuration. Travis documents creating the storage account and updating your Terraform configuration backend provider.

Enable Multiple Backups Per Day for Azure VM

Charbel Nemnom shows us how to configure Azure Backup to perform multiple backups per day of an Azure VM. Azure Backup now supports the enhanced policy, which allows new features, such as multiple backups in a single day.

Microsoft Azure Managed Identity Deep Dive

John Savill teaches us what is a managed identity in Azure, the different types available, and using managed identities to give resources permissions in other Azure services.

Last Week from Jeff Brown Tech

I published an article covering the new Azure Bastion native RDP client support. This feature, currently in preview, allows you to connect to an Azure virtual machine using the native RDP client found on your Windows system through Azure Bastion.