Welcome to this week’s roundup! This roundup includes Azure news, feature releases, and fantastic articles to inform you on what you need to know about Azure!

Debugging Azure Static Web Apps in VS Code

Alex Weininger demonstrates v0.9.0 of the Azure Static Web Apps extension for VS Code. The new release includes features for debugging static web apps locally, including Azure Functions API routes, authentication, and routing.

Microsoft Azure Gateway Load Balancer Deep Dive

John Savill explores the Microsoft Azure Gateway Load Balancer. This new service allows routing traffic from a load balancer to one or more Network Virtual Appliances (NVA) for traffic inspection. The traffic then returns to the load balancer for distribution to the backend pool.

Azure Key Vault Secrets in GitHub Actions

James Cook outlines the importance of storing secrets in Azure Key Vault, then documents how to access those secrets from GitHub Actions. James gives several examples using Terraform and Docker deployments.

The Beginner’s Guide to Azure PowerShell: One Shell to Rule Them All

A Cloud Guru published a comprehensive guide on getting started with Azure PowerShell. The ACG team starts with PowerShell fundamentals and goes all the way to creating an Azure virtual machine.

Virtual machines selector now generally available

Microsoft released the virtual machines selector, a web-based tool that simplifies the process for identifying the right virtual machine size. The tool takes into consideration your needs and budget. The tool is available worldwide and localized in 26 languages. Read more about the release here.

This Week from Jeff Brown Tech

4Sysops published my recent article titled Azure Bicep: Getting Started Guide. In this tutorial, I take you through the importance of infrastructure as code, then compare Bicep with ARM templates. Finally, I walk you through the different methods for installing Azure Bicep along with writing and deploying your first template.