Welcome to this week’s roundup! This roundup includes Azure news, feature releases, and fantastic articles to inform you on what you need to know about Azure!

SFTP Support in Azure Blob Storage

Matt Allford walks you through the new SFTP support in Azure Blob Storage. In the video, Matt starts from scratch by enabling the preview feature, creating the storage account, container, and local user account. Matt finishes up by connecting with a password an SSH key.

Deploy from a Bicep Registry in Azure DevOps or GitHub Actions

Barbara Forbes walks through how to use a Bicep Registry containing templates in your pipelines, both Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions. Registries are a newer feature and store Bicep template files for centralized storage. Barbara walks you through configuring permissions and building the pipeline steps.

Bastion 101 – Connections with Confidence

Jay Gordon outlines what Azure Bastion is and use cases for using the service. Azure Bastion provides remote access to your Azure VMs without having to log directly from a local host. Jay completes the overview by showing you how to set up your first Bastion service and connect to an Ubuntu VM.

Advancing service resilience in Azure Active Directory with its backup authentication service

Nadim Abdo, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, provides an update on how Microsoft engineering teams are increasing the reliability of Microsoft’s identity and access management service. If you want a deep dive into this Azure service, be sure to check this article out!

Azure Security product name changes – Microsoft Ignite November 2021

Confused about the name changes around many of Azure’s security products? You’re not alone! Sonia Cuff reviews the changes and describes each product in detail to eliminate confusion.