Welcome to this week’s roundup! This roundup includes Azure news, feature releases, and fantastic articles to inform you on what you need to know about Azure!

Microsoft Ignite 2021 Book of News

This past week, Microsoft held its annual Ignite conference. While there are lots of new announcements and features for Azure, it’s hard to pick the top ones. Instead, check out the Book of News, which contains everything you need to know about every announcement last week.

Query Azure SQL Database using Service Principal with PowerShell

Thomas Thornton documents how to query an Azure SQL database using PowerShell and a service principal. A service principal can access Azure resources based on the access policy and permissions you assign it. In this scenario, storing service principal credentials in a PowerShell script allow you to query or manage a SQL database without logging in, or you can schedule the script using a task automation tool.

Implementing continuous blue/green deployments on Azure Container Apps by using GitHub Actions

Dennis Zielke outlines building a continuous blue/green deployment with Container Apps using GitHub Actions. Container Apps is Azure’s new serverless application platform for containers, which allows you to run microservices and containerized applications on a serverless platform.

Simplify IT server management through Azure Automanage – new features!

Meagan McCrory announces new features to Azure Automanage, a service that automates daily server management tasks. New features for Windows, Linux, and Azure Arc servers include custom configuration profiles and new support for Azure Arc-enabled VMs. Windows VMs also get new features such as hotpatch, SMB over QUIC, extended network for Azure.

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification SUPER Study Cram

John Savil unleashes a nearly 4-hour study cram session for the AZ-104. John’s exam crams are a great review resource prior to taking the exam.

This Week from Jeff Brown Tech

I posted an article comparing PowerShell hash tables and PSCustomObjects. While defining these may look similar, each PowerShell object has different purposes and capabilities. Check out the deep dive and comparison here.

The Varonis Inside Out Security blog posted my article titled How to Install and Import Active Directory PowerShell Module. This post covers how to install for both Windows 10 and Windows Server operating systems.