Last Week in Microsoft Teams #017

Direct from Microsoft Product Marketing Manager Remco de Kramer shares a new feature coming to Teams calling called safe transfer. This allows for ringing back to the transferrer if the target user does not answer.…


Last Week in Microsoft Teams #016

Microsoft extends a deadline and makes some surprising news around phone support. Let's dive into it! Direct from Microsoft Through November 2020, Microsoft will be hosting a weekly webcast on Enabling Remote Work with Microsoft…


Last Week in Microsoft Teams #015

Direct from Microsoft One year from now, Microsoft is retiring Skype for Business Online, and Microsoft Teams will officially be the de facto collaboration software in Microsoft 365. The Microsoft Teams blog outlines this retirement…


Working with Pester Should Command and Operators

Should is a command that performs our tests or assertions in our script. It is used for comparing objects and throwing failures when the test is expected to fail. We use Should inside of It blocks in the test script. Should also has different operators for performing tests.


Getting Started with Pester Testing in PowerShell

Pester is a framework designed for validating and testing your PowerShell commands, whether they are in functions, cmdlets, modules, or scripts. You write your tests to make sure your PowerShell code does what it is supposed to, or use it to validate changes made to an existing script.


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